CnC Plasma Table Retrofit.

Recently a customer contacted us regarding a problem with a Chinese plasma cutter. The plasma was attached to a Chinese CnC profile table and the cut had started to deteriorate rapidly when the unthinkable happened. The Plasma power source blew the internal stack and almost completely wiped Its whole Insides out In the flash over. At this point, and with so many unknowns, It’s best to suggest a retro-fit and disregard the old.

We went along for a site visit, fully armed with the Hypertherm Powermax 85, complete with Mec torch and CnC control socket. After a demo the customer decided to invest In a new PMX 85 retrofitting to his Chinese table.

The longer life expectancy of torch consumable,  the refine cut due to the torch and consumable technology from Hypertherm, the three years warranty and unrivalled support from ourselves, all added to the decision to move forward on the project.

W had a day on site, stripping the old table down, fitting the new Hypertherm system, tweaking the existing software and spending time with the customer, training In the use of the new system and ensuring everyone was happy and knew how to get the best out of the new PMX 85. Another great job done, another happy customer.

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