As many know, my favorite auto welding helmet Is, and has been for many years the Optrel. My current helmet of choice Is the Optrel E684 X1,  auto shade adjustment, True color, ergonomic, fantastic 1/1/1/1 optics, the list goes on. The price for these helmets reflects In the product, and I can happily say that when testing machines, teaching clients, demonstrating new high tech welding technology I would feel lost without It.

BUT… recently A distributor called In on his monthly visit to see us, and he brought with him his new line of helmets. These auto welding helmets ARE NOT a replacement to my Optrel line, but not every client wants to spend premium prices on high end helmets, and for many reasons. Some clients might weld a few hours a day, some a few hours a week, some just cannot justify the expense. So I have and will always offer my customers a alternative.

The FFX 850 Is the top of the line, features include replaceable battery, four arc sensors, 1/1/1/2 Optical rating, complies with standards, and looks great with Its robotic style graphic. If I told you It also has True color technology!! Yes, and no where near the cost of higher end welding helmets. Again, let me stress that It Is NOT a replacement for my Optrel, but I cannot keep these helmets On the shelf. Every customer that has come through the door so far has walked away wearing one, and the feed back I am getting from clients Is fantastic.

We did a great little video showing this helmet with some arc shots In the shop.

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