THE UK IS FACING ITS BIGGEST THREAT IN DECADES As the UK is instructed to stay home we want to outline our plans as a company. We serve the whole of the UK and many of its major infrastructures, from the Power Industry, Nuclear Industry, MOD, Major boilermakers, Pipe engineers who serve the food industry […]

How to Mig Weld Aluminium

Mig Welded Aluminium

How to MIG weld Aluminium How to Mig weld Aluminium. One question we regularly get asked at MS Welding, by new and old customers alike, is can you MIG weld aluminium? This is usually followed up by some comment about a video on youtube, or somebody’s mate said…… Well, if you didn’t know already, yes […]

CnC Plasma Table Retrofit.

Recently a customer contacted us regarding a problem with a Chinese plasma cutter. The plasma was attached to a Chinese CnC profile table and the cut had started to deteriorate rapidly when the unthinkable happened. The Plasma power source blew the internal stack and almost completely wiped Its whole Insides out In the flash over. […]


As many know, my favorite auto welding helmet Is, and has been for many years the Optrel. My current helmet of choice Is the Optrel E684 X1,  auto shade adjustment, True color, ergonomic, fantastic 1/1/1/1 optics, the list goes on. The price for these helmets reflects In the product, and I can happily say that […]


Tig welding really Is, In some cases becoming an art form. With the likes of you tube, Instagram and other online media resources people are now showcasing work like never before. Recently I was making a service call to a college to calibrate some welding machines, when a student asked, “Barry, what do you think […]